Wicky’s, a journey between East and West. In Milan.

DI Chiara Maci | 20 Nov 2017


Imagine the traditional Tokyo’s cuisine (kaiseki), mixed with the best Mediterranean’s ingredients.

Black marble on the wall, smart and essential furniture, wooden tables and a fully open kitchen.

Wicky’s restaurant has three rooms, in the third one there’s a big “sushi counter” lightened by hot and illuminating lights that gives to the costumer the opportunity to do an unknown gastronomic’s experience called “CHEF TABLE”.

The menu has a good selection of fish, sushi’s offer (nighiri e maki) is small but well finished.

The second courses of meat and fish are done with unique cooking techniques involving smoked or marinated preparations, the fusion-oriental’s theme is the main character of each recipes.

I choose to discover the “kaiseki’s” cuisine by sitting at the “sushi counter” to have the cooking show experience, accompanying the lunch with a cup of green tea.

A seven dishes’s itinerary, a journey between the western and the eastern worlds, I tried some new flavors, other anesthetized in my mind and other surprisingly usuals.

To recommend “Japan’s ricciola and Sicilian’s tuna, seasoned with yuzu ponzu’s sauce and basil powder”, this dish totally captured me.



Served in a transparent glass’s bowl, the fresh and citrus fish’s flavor remembered me a Sicilian’s lunch while the bottom’s sauce brought me in the North of Thailand embracing its delicate, sweet and sour and spicy cuisine.

From the East to the city of Milan the journey was quick with the “MiIanese’s rice”: saffron’s rice, “ossobuco”, parmesan and violet potatoes chips with inside crab’s pulp and “scampi’s” oil.

When the appearance is different to the substance, the surprise is guaranteed.

Same as a soup with pizza’s flavor, the maki suddenly brings you back to the old Milan, in one bite you can find: the sweet saffron, the ossobuco with his juicy and whole taste, the crunchy parmesan’s chips, the fresh smell of the fish.



Then the question: “Chocolate?”, “No, thanks” I said and after a few minutes arrives the sweet that I wanted: Oriental’s ingredients and Italian’s texture in the coconut milk’s mousse with chocolate bean’s crumble, pistachio, mango’s coulis and passion fruit.

An unforgettable, fancy and surprising gastronomic’s experience, that enriches palate and cultural background: the highest expression of the sushi, the raw materials exceptionally cooked, the fusion of different cultures, the knowledge of new ingredients.

Photo By Giulia Gattiglia
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