In-your-thirties Ripple: about being thirty, ice cream and far more

DI Chiara Maci | 12 Sep 2017


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By Nicoletta Gibiino


To us, thirty years old and in for a penny

To the little ones, who still have to get there

To the older ones, may them learn to listen to us

To all those who have supported and born our complaints, every day, forever

To all those who will go on doing that


“For me writing is a passion I discovered naturally as an adult. I strongly believe that passions which arise at the right time must be supported because they can turn out to be the lifeblood we need to get back up when we are down.

That’s how it happened to me: this short book was born by chance on my sofa, where I wrote for a month and a half by night, after work. I used to feel shattered but I was able to find any bit of energy in order to write. This is the reason why I decided to follow my guts publishing it, I should say producing its publication, and I was so excited when I saw it on Amazon and on Mondadori Store!


A culinary element which characterizes it: ice cream.

Cover and common thread for the whole story, source of inspiration for the author.


“The title could only be “#Inyourthirtiesripple”. I’ve loved it since the first time it popped into my head and it represents in a word the ripples of our beautiful age.”


A short book, a few hours wait in an airport and a dialogue among characters about problems of this age.

The need for communication, for finding answers, the fear of growing old, the fear of love and the longing for one’s twenties.

A man and a woman, their stories, their characters and their songs.

The sincere, ironic and a bit weird Camilla and Michele with his positivity, his peace of mind and his simplicity will come with you along this “path”.


Because yes, it’s a beautiful age, but it’s also a little bit hard and complicated.


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