“Morso” Burger!

DI Chiara Maci | 28 Sep 2017


A journey through Italy, from the piedmontese fassona beef, to the bufala campana PDO, until capers of Pantelleria.

The burger shop “MORSO” is concealed in the heart of Moscova, in a cross residential street: white marble walls, cutting boards hanging like paintings, a dozen seats, open-plan kitchen.

A young cheerful couple hosts you, the menu is printed on a big blackboard and beside classic burgers you find alternatives with chicken, fish or vegetarian meatballs.

The burger combinations  are carefully planned (fresh baked bread, top quality ingredients, a lot of vegetables and different kinds of cheese) and they are closer to gourmet dishes than to american tradition.

I order a “ruspante” burger (chicken burger, mozzarella di Bufala cheese, tomato, ruspante sauce, spinach sprouts), my friends order classics with bacon, Tropea onions, tomato mayonnaise or bbq sauce, strictly homemade.

Tastes are fresh and refined, ingredients are distinctively high-quality and well dosed.

Since the first bite you can appreciate the bread crumbliness, the flavour of the juicy and rosy meat, the tasty cheese, just pan seared, the fresh burrata which sweetens the crunchy bacon, the light sauces which do not cover the other tastes.

We do not turn down the potato dippers and the beer battered onion rings, both tasty and crispy.

All desserts are created and realized by the young landlady, a real surprise!

What makes them different to the others?

Customer service, attention to the raw materials and most of all their “docg” burgers, the ones you usually order at restaurants served on a ceramic dish with a side of baked potatoes. The italian ones.

When do I choose it?

Perfect for a lunch break, the service is quick, the burger takes a few bites to be eaten.

You will walk out safe from the typical ketchup stains over the blue shirt and free from post-lunch drowsiness.


By Giulia Gattiglia

Photo By Giulia Gattiglia
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