The recipes of all time. The ones I have been sharing here for 7 years and that I have always made for myself, for my family and my friends. The ones you can never go wrong with, with the simplicity that sets me apart.

31 Dec 2018 | Recipes

New Year’s Eve menu!

A few little suggestions  for a New Year’s Eve fish menu. A little salad to start. Light, fresh and delicate. Following, a warm cuddle with…

28 Dec 2018 | Recipes

Meatballs in sauce.

Last day in Bologna. What about eating a few meatballs to stay light after Christmas? 🙂 On the other hand, I mean, it’s just…

pasta al forno
13 Dec 2018 | Recipes

Baked pasta.

  It’s always a good time for baked pasta. Super good. Classic with meat sauce and béchamel for a day that tastes like home….

5 Dec 2018 | Recipes

Creamed codfish.

  A delicate and tasty appetizer. Perfect also for Christmas. The best is to serve it with croutons or with polenta. Are you making…