The recipes of all time. The ones I have been sharing here for 7 years and that I have always made for myself, for my family and my friends. The ones you can never go wrong with, with the simplicity that sets me apart.

cuori di frolla
21 Feb 2019 | Recipes

Shortcrust hearts.

  Since I got home I have almost only been cooking. My passion. So many of you have made my water muffins, how wonderful….

torta al cacao
15 Feb 2019 | Recipes

Cocoa cake.

  Home. Finally. They have been challenging and beautiful months around Italy to discover the tradition. But my heart is always here. In the…

12 Feb 2019 | Recipes


  Panzerotti mon amour. I could not avoid to make them after being in Puglia to record. Super, super good, forget about it. You really…