The recipes of all time. The ones I have been sharing here for 7 years and that I have always made for myself, for my family and my friends. The ones you can never go wrong with, with the simplicity that sets me apart.

pappa al pomodoro
16 Jan 2019 | Recipes

Tomato and Bread soup.

Tuscan “Pappa al pomodoro”. A dish that speaks about tradition and simplicity. I used tomato pulp instead of fresh tomatoes (considering the season), extra…

31 Dec 2018 | Recipes

New Year’s Eve menu!

A few little suggestions  for a New Year’s Eve fish menu. A little salad to start. Light, fresh and delicate. Following, a warm cuddle with…

28 Dec 2018 | Recipes

Meatballs in sauce.

Last day in Bologna. What about eating a few meatballs to stay light after Christmas? 🙂 On the other hand, I mean, it’s just…