The recipes of all time. The ones I have been sharing here for 7 years and that I have always made for myself, for my family and my friends. The ones you can never go wrong with, with the simplicity that sets me apart.

Thanksgiving turkey
23 Nov 2018 | Recipes

Thanksgiving turkey.

  Autumn colours for a greedy Thanksgiving or a Sunday family. American potatoes of different colours, pumpkin and blueberry sauce to enrich my Thanksgiving…

Tagliolini al tartufo
22 Nov 2018 | Recipes

Truffle tagliolini.

  Truffle, the utmost mushroom of the wonderful autumn. At least for me. Black, or the most precious white one, always super good. The…

13 Nov 2018 | Recipes

Broccoli & Penne.

  Let’s go with broccoli! Penne, anchovy and green olives. A tasty, simple and complete first course. If I were you I would make…