17 Jan 2018 | Recipes


  Has anybody  said “Snack?” Soft cookies with a delicious heart. Nutellotti for a different  taste afternoon. Be careful, they can lead to addiction 🙂  …

11 Jan 2018 | Kids, Recipes

Pastina with artichokes.

  Sometimes it’s time to “purificate”. Pastina with artichokes, to feed the children with a little bit of everything and a snuggle for adults J…

insalata russa
10 Jan 2018 | Recipes

My Russian Salad.

  A tasty appetizer served cold. Sautéed vegetables and homemade mayonnaise, easy and perfect for parties but also for a dinner with friends.  …

23 Dec 2017 | Recipes

Christmas turkey

  Christmas is getting really closer. Roast stuffed turkey with juniper flavoured broth, almond milk mayonnaise and cabbage and raisin salad. Success is guaranteed!…

20 Dec 2017 | Recipes

Fusilli & sausage sauce.

  Fusilli and sausage Bolognese sauce. Easy to prepare and very tasty, I promise. I suggest a short kind of pasta to hold sauce…