The recipes of all time. The ones I have been sharing here for 7 years and that I have always made for myself, for my family and my friends. The ones you can never go wrong with, with the simplicity that sets me apart.

20 Mar 2018 | Kids, Recipes

Choco emmer!

  One package of puffed emmer, received a few days ago, a little chocolate to get rid of (and it’s not Easter yet, I…

14 Mar 2018 | Recipes


  A classic of Emilia Romagna cousine, Sunday dish, the family day dish. Ragu, white sauce and we are in Bologna. Come on, make…

sugo di carne
28 Feb 2018 | Recipes

Gravy Lumaconi.

  A sort of Napoli sauce but only with beef, tomato and mixed herbs. And remember, cooking must be slow and over low heat…